A girls journey game

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Spectr3 Start date Feb 5, anal sex animated female protagonist interracial prostitution rape real porn text based urination vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 1. Spectr3 The Bug Hunter Donor. Former Staff. Feb 21, a girls journey game, 3, Overview: The game is a sandbox with zero bad-ends but a lot of content. Over time the game will focus on options and decisions to facilitate a sandbox experience. The game is not really deed to "end.

Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Reactions: Deleted memberDeniz31infant and 36 others. Word of Warning: This game is made in the dev's free time, making the time between updates very long at points. Don't be asking "when iz update lololol", as any comments along these lines will be deleted without warning. Reactions: ZhadouBagleydkovdijdceiijnviner and 2 others. Chrathrard Active Member.

Nov 20, 1, Reactions: Grelk. BrokenRose Active Member. Jan 21, 2, Reactions: Chrathrard. Dec 3, I like my books with pictures, so I will definitely try this game out. Chrathrard said:. Apr 11, So how much content is in the game right now? Survivor Member. Sep 23, Its a nice game at the start but gets boring after a while! Unfortunate because it has potential!

XJ Active Member. Sep 19, Not these are mostly subjective, it's ok to disagree with me. Feels very much like Girls Life, meaning it is a life simulator but this has most of the simulator taken out.

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So far most stats don't do anything it's early but still I'm confused why have a transformation. If transformation isn't the theme of the game why throw something so dumb into it? If this was 3 years ago you would do this so you can post the game on tfgames, but now you have this site to advertise and host a game outside patreon.

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Your choice in hair color determine what images you see. Creator has an interest in skinny women. While I tend to like skinny women, I think others might like thicker big breasted women too. I get it, if you add in a skinny or thick option then you have to double the game size I could almost see a thick or skinny pack decision when you download.

There is a weird vibe where some rape content is considered consensual I dont't like how sexual content happens without me choosing it, unless it's rape. Disappointing job, only can be a model, and no story progression relating to your job. No random events. Overall a lack of random events. Have to PAY to go to school???? Breaks the life simulators feeling when you do things like this. No one to build a relationship yet, other than be the hook up to 2 school boys. Lack of plot, just full life sim. Overall this has some good, but is very unpolished.

I'm not the guy who overly rewards potential. So far it's below a girls journey game at best. Reactions: LaellithChrathrardTenenbaum and 1 other person. Jun 12, 90 Dec 31, 3 0.

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Searching the couch cushions all day is the fastest way to make money in this game, then save-scum the casino. Dec 28, XJ said:. JaccobD Member. Aug 26, Girl Life and Life Choices are the best of these types, and it's not even close.

Girl Life is a mess due to community sourcing developers who seem to vanish after initiating something so there's so many random thre that are never picked up. The game is full of half-assed ideas. Life Choices is really promising but, content-wise, it has a ways to go since there's nothing you're really striving for there is a ton of content, but the game feels purposeless after awhile.

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Anyway, my point is all of these html games, especially those early in their development, are not worth the time since there's superior options. JaccobD said:. If all these games are bad then what are some good ones? You mentioned that there are superior options but I have yet to find any decent html games of a similar genre to this, any recommendations?

Reactions: XJ Blue Newbie. Jul 18, 16 6. Does anyone know the source of these images?

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Reactions: OddFella. Jul 6, 1, Reactions: RevanXJdeluges and 2 others. BurningSun said:.

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Auch delugesharsh critique! Haha just joking. You touch upon a very important point. Won't go into detail about it here, but am happy to talk to you about it in my own thread. So I think work is needed first and foremost to make stats important. Right now it is increased by itself automatically every other click or so 3 That is my main gripe at the moment; If you start a new game you can instantly start to go and do stuff any normal girl wouldn't just do off the bat.

And this girl has been transformed like only moments feels a girls journey game that ago and without a care in the world s he can go out there and whore themselves out on the streets. That is a weird transition if you ask me. Too much change implemented too quickly read instantly and smut is there instantly as well. No story or anything like that guiding the MC to certain options. Keep up the good work BurningSun. Aug 2, I love it so far, no boring grind or silly introductory tasks so I can get right to the action. I have to use a save editor in every other game just to get to where this one starts.

Then again, maybe there could be a bit more story at the start- I thought it was weird that the house had a gloryhole, maybe the protagonist could purchase that upgrade for cheap, it's just a hole in a wall instead? I'd also love to see some exhibitionism and other assorted scenarios of nudity in public, sharking, groping on the streets, etc. As a side note, I feel like having the three different hair-colors with their corresponding videos is a noble cause, but maybe too difficult in the long run?

Especially for later scenes or other activities, it might end up being a difficult media hunt for the non-brunettes. Sep 13, 1, Can you get an apartment in this version so you can use the laptop? Blue said:. Luzifer22 Active Member. Oct 16, Mar 9, 1 0. Anyone knows the name of the stylist?

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A girls journey game

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A Girl's Journey