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This is written in an out-of-character perspective due to its content. It may be worded differently than the rest of the wiki. This is intentional.

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The game logo, from the official wiki. Corruption of Champions is a single-player text-based adventure game created by Fenoxo. The date it was created is unknown, but records indicate it was around at least in January It's a standalone game with an infamous reputation for its content, which includes controversial topics such as rape, incest, and slavery.

Reception of the game is fairly mixed as a result, split between people who don't like that such content is romanticized and those who don't care.

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The story follows the player character who is known among fans as "the champion" due to the ability to freely name the player charactera young adult from the village of Ingnam who has been sent coc tfgames the demon realm called Mareth as a sacrifice to keep Ingnam safe from demon raids.

The player character starts as an ordinary human with the goal of taking down the demon empire, but based on the player's actions, this may not be the final outcome. Corruption of Champions is a turn-based tactical role-playing game where most actions happen through clicking various buttons and reading the presented narration. The basic gameplay is to explore the different zones and places, and battle whatever enemy is encountered in order to train and get stronger.

Combat is based around two major factors: health shortened to HP and lust. Reducing health to 0 or maximizing lust will cause a victory or loss, dependent on if the player or opponent hit one of the two first.

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Combat is typically followed by some sort of sex scene, though there have been exceptions. Combat is affected by a few stats, called Strength, which determines the power of attacks; Toughness, which helps the player endure attacks; Speed, used to determine the player's ability to flee from combat; and Intelligence, which can increase the power of non-regular attacks and aid in evasion.

Leveling and certain items can change these, and maximizing them is a frequent goal of players which keeps them motivated to continue playing.

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Stats are also heavily affected by perks and items. Finding and using the most strongest weapons and armor available are another major hook in gameplay, since none are very easily obtained. Perks are mostly gained by leveling and can affect everything from health, to endurance, to critical hit chance, to seductive capabilities. Perks are extremely powerful and useful, with some feats near impossible without the proper perks, and many of the best ones are only obtained through certain requirements, so the player may need to devote a lot of time into getting them.

Another major portion of gameplay is interaction with non-hostile NPCs. There are several characters to interact with, each who have their own unique personality and backstory. Many NPCs can be romanced or befriended, recruited to the player's camp, or feature their own mini-character arc through a quest.

Quests often yield special items or scenes and majorly affect interaction with the character coc tfgames focused on. Several characters can be coc tfgames or "corrupted", and while irreversible through normal means, each expand on possible interactions or may advance the player. There are also many simple characters such as shopkeepers, but even for sparse interaction, many consider them interesting. There is a main plotline to follow whose outcome can differ based on the player's actions, though it's relatively linear and short, leaving most of the game's interest in the characters.

The final major portion of gameplay is character customization-- or more commonly known as transformations among players. Each body part has its own selection of types which change appearance and, occasionally, stats and attack moves. There's also a plethora of options regarding skin, fur, scales, hair length, and the colors of such, as well as miscellaneous factors like beards, femininity, muscle tone, and thickness.

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There's also the option for extra appendages, like tails and wings. Cultivating coc tfgames exact appearance the player wants tends to take a large amount of time due to the item collecting and luck necessary, and is, perhaps, the most focused on aspect of gameplay. Main Article: Storyline. This is the staff and contributors to the game as listed in the latest official release of the game.

The staff here is not necessarily people who had contributed to the modification. Disclaimer: These credits have been directly copied and pasted. As such, they fall under the official quote clause that pardons references of sexual material. CoC-Xianxia Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Corruption of Champions. Edit source History Talk 0. Our community needs more information on this !

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Coc tfgames

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