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First off - Thank you. We'll never stop saying it: Thank you, g1s, for always going above and beyond. We're humbled every single day by your love for one another. You have transformed this community into a family. We could not be more excited to grow the brand by starting a new adventure together. So What is Going on with This?

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We're not really sure. When we launched our Patreon a year or so ago we were in a different place altogether. The way we're producing live content wasn't as honed-in as it is now. It's really tough stuff. With our crazy reward streams and diverse special events, our Twitch presence and live audience is what we're focused on.

When you combine that with YouTube being in a really horrible place for online creators at the moment, it's hard to push the Patreon, especially when we're just not very passionate about edited content.

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For now, you can support us on the Patreon, but it, it's rewards, and it's futu IS in a holding pattern of sorts. Like we said - we're focused on live content, but supporting us here still obviously helps us operate and employ our editors to make YouTube content for you! You can watch all of this content right here on Patreon.

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Thank you g1s. Thank you for allowing us to be us, and for being a part of this awesome community. See you out there!

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Game attack patreon

email: [email protected] - phone:(158) 648-6292 x 5675

If we were to launch a Patreon for Game Attack VOD content (Four Play, Tap That, etc), how much you be interested in contributing monthly?