Glimmering cultist simulator

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So I tried to upgrade the skill imagination with the 4 glimmering and it said I needed lore so I put in forge just as that's the highest I had at the time it changed the text so I thought it would probably work but it just ate up all the glimering:ALL do you need to use a specific lore and I need to keep experimenting until something works. Passion has the Moth aspect.

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Reason has the Lantern aspect. Health has the Heart aspect. There is a Lore requirement for upgrading any of your skills imagination,strength,reason to level 4.

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Each of the these skills can take one of four Lore, where the Lore is related to skill. For example: You can add Edge or Forge or Heart or Grail to the strength skill when you upgrade it with 4 vitality lessons learned.

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Well guess I'mma have to try every kind to see what the difference between using different lores and the skill. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Moth works Sauce: done it.

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Glimmering cultist simulator

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