Grand theft auto sex game

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Grand Theft Auto V. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Adult Written by Sauradip November 21, This review Helped me decide. Had useful details.

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Read my mind. Report this review. Adult Written by Noopnob1 November 19, A lot of parents say ohhh well this game has sex and drugs so no. The name and the rating is really off but the game is ok. The only thing to keep away from your kids is the strip club and story mode but online and solo is ok. But it is the parents choice. Use this review to see if the game is ok for your .

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This title contains: Ease of Play. Adult Written by Lucario's Deadl November 17, Wins: Teaches people how to drive using realistic driving physics, other players able to help you just for the act of kindness, fun, very great, not too many drugs. Overall: I'd say it is a pretty nice game. Open world driving with a good community, I'd say it's alright to play, just when you are online, just make sure you report any trash talkers. In GTA Online people can be toxic but overall a good, helpful community. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Adult Written by AarenLol November 17, Fun but violent The game gta5 is a very fun and interactive game.

Yet interactive can go a little too far. There is much swearing yet not any less then what you would hear at the average middle school. And there is the option to go to a strip club. Blood and violence is throughout.

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This game is for mature audiences. Honestly it's up to you. But if you can have your child prove that they are responsible enough to not go swearing all over the place and shoot up people, they should be fine. Going to the strip club is completely optional. Yes it is a mature game but if you know your kid, I don't see why they can't get it.

There is lots of sexual content lots of drinking, drugs not to mention in GTA Online you can but items that can be very costly. Great thing is it is very easy to play but online it can get very Personal. Adult Written by GamerZer0 November 9, Adult Written by gusto November 8, Adult Written by Martha Gardener November 7, Is grand theft auto safe for your kid?

I have a kid named timothy who is 9 years old and another kid who is 13 years old. And they asked me for grand theft auto. And i after i looked it what the game was i was blown away.

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But after browsing this website i thought i should give it a try. So far my kids have been doing fine. I have thought them very well what the difference is between what you should do in games and what you should do in real life. I also told them that of they are playing multiplayer which is a feature in the game do not take after anyone who they are playing with and if they do then i would take their computer and x box away for a while I would say that you should give it a try but make sure that they know what to do in video games and what they should do in real life.

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And if they do know then you should see how it treats them. If it works out let them try it out. Adult Written by Olibob November 7, Over 1, F words. ALOT of the N word.

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Now onto violence. The sex is a lot. Also you can get a prostitute at any given night. You can get drunk in a strip club or just at any time. You can buy smokes too. It's suitable for younger teens if they are mentally smart. You can spot that easily. If your kid doesn't act like a 5year old, then this game is great.

Adult Written by Lorenzo marsala November 3, Ok for people under 17 if they are sensible. This game has tons of swearing especially when franklin's friend lamar comes in the scenes to spread the n-word around the place. There are lo of drug references in this game used and heard in at least 10 missions.

Sex is not shown but heavily spoken about, at the strip club you can see some women with their breasts out. Violence is not over the top with blood but can be a bit much for 14 year olds. Adult Written by Flimflam75 October 21, Story not for kids or young people Maybe not for anyone. Although the game is fun and well crafted, it looks gorgeous at times, the story content should be x-rated. Characters are immoral and insane. Online is somewhat redeemable but the focus is still on violence, death and materialism. Game contains cinematics with sex, drug and alcohol use and graphic violence, including a torture scene the player must participate in, as well as every curse word in the English language.

For year olds, play this games online mode only, the story will possibly damage your mind. Adult Written by grand theft auto sex game October 21, Get the Hong Kong version Parents should get the Hong Kong version of the game for their kids because due to Hong Kong's strict video game laws Rockstar games had to remove all the nudity and sexual content from the Japanese version of the game for example you can't enter the strip club and prostitutes are removed also a very graphic torture scene in one of the missions is skipped also one of the characters has a Tatoo of a penis on his back but in the Japan version it is changed to a rocket also graphic disemberment is removed eg: when you shoot someone in the head in the normal game their head will fly off but in the Japan version their head won't fly off and there Will be no blood on the head also most swear words and offensive words like the n word are removed.

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Adult Written by campinginatrent83 October 14, Not bad at all for 12 and up i think it is a great game for teens i let my 12 year old get it because every one of his friends have it and all the drinking and sex is optional. Adult Written by JeffBackdon October 6,

Grand theft auto sex game

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