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It is worth noting that from what I can tell, this is a game that was unfortunately abandoned before it was completed, but there is still enough here for you to sink your teeth into and get an idea of how this could have come to a conclusion.

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One thing that I have to give Love and Submission a ton of credit for is the story. I actually wish this got fully finished as there are some great ideas here. The need to know about the story is that our main character has been traveling through Asia, but now it is time to come home.

What I liked about the story being told here was that while there were different character arcs sprinkled in here.

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There is clearly a main plot that you are working through and it has a bit of mystery love and submission game even a bit of supernatural type element to it and it was a great idea that the developer nearly pulled off perfectly. There are some great-looking character models here and there is even a bit of animation too which is far better than you would think.

The big elephant in the room in regards to this games visuals is the lack of sex. While this is always going to be classed as a lewd game, the amount of actual sex in the game is very minimal. I know, I know! However, you do not actually notice it after a while and you still do get to see the characters in all their glory.

I have to say that had Love and Submission been finished or even if it had a few extra people working on it for a little longer then it could have been an 8. As a result, there are many plot points that do not get resolved and there are a ton of spelling and grammatical errors that I can usually get past, but they happen more often than not.

The gameplay is more of a sandbox and while there is the main plot path, you have a lot of freedom in the way you go about things. It can be hard to know what you can and cannot do, but that adds to the overall mystery of the game. There are many people online who blast Love and Submission and I think that is a bit unfair. I feel that there is a lot of good things about this game and as I said, with just a bit more attention to detail and getting the game finished.

I honestly think this would have been a damn fine visual novel game.

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While it is unfinished, there is still enough here to keep you entertained, you just may end up feeling disappointed by the time you get to the end of it. Browse games Game Portals. Love and Submission. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

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Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots Overall rating: 8.

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Download Love and Submission. Lewd Island. GameFabrique Eroge GamesLewd Games.

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