Reddit fappening 2.0

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You may want to prepare yourself.

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A man posts to 4chan. He posts a naked picture of Jennifer Lawrence. He claims to have more of them. He requests bitcoin in exchange for more nudes. He posts several more naked pictures, promising more leaks as well. People begin to notice, and the internet is brought to its horny knees.

The cum filled subreddit is filled to the brim with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton nudes. The subreddit blew up to 30, subscribers quickly. It's now at nearly 60, with 50, people currently browsing. More nudes follow, including videos.

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Everyone from Victoria Justice to Kaley Cuoco. Soon, news articles begin to pour out, blaming 4chan and a hacker claiming to have over nudes of celebrities. The real publicist claims to have contacted the police.

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Trollx notices. Accusations of white knighting, circlejerking, and comparisons to the NSA follow. This intrepid reporter was briefed earlier on the supposed whereabouts of where the photos originated. The empty testicles of reddit's hornier population. As for now, reddit is at war. Was this leaked by the NSA? Is it ok that we fap to these? Do celebrities even have privacy? Did the jews do this? Stay tuned for more leaks and drama, here on reddit.

Every other usually gives you the "you broke reddit ". The combined ejaculations of reddit, bigger than doxtober, angrier than may may june, has brought the internet to its knees. Was it the NSA? The jewlizards?

Stay tuned for more info. Moot has just censored all postings of the Jennifer Lawrence nudes and supposedly others. This might be the thing that in the most drama all reddit fappening 2.0. With the whole Quinn thing and the Unidan drama and now this i'm going to be fat because of all the popcorn i've had in the last few months. Can't forget the drama of banning the dumb puffin from advice animals.

The Drama does but increase. Uniban, Quinnspiracy, Fappening The drama rises exponentially and so must our popcorn. I'm trying to cut down my internet usage. So I unplug my router for a day or a few days and try to reddit fappening 2.0 productive. Every day I come back online something big happened. It feels like when I was 5 and first saw Toy Story and I would walk away from my toys and quickly run back in the room hoping they would move, but it feels like I actually caught them in this case.

It's amazing. Did I miss that, or is the drama I'm thinking of not as old as I thought? This seems like as good a place as any to ask; what was the whole Zoe Quinn thing?

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Can I get an ELI5 for that? Decided to take a break from reddit right around when Ferguson happened, figured I didn't want to depress myself further. Came back just in time for this whole clusterfuck but I still have no idea what the Quinn thing was. The best thing is that most people who are dusting up a storm about privacy are still pretty down with naked pics of their favorite celebrities. The moral implications here are too much for the average internet denizen who is pro porn and pro privacy. We're accelerating to peak drama.

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The next few months are going to be insane. If Quinn wants to retake her spot in the Reddit lime light, either she or her boyfriend are going to have to get naked. I know of a subreddit of Top Minds TM that say they did. They're right, you know.

You think the owners of The Media would just let their darlings get their nudie pics leaked? Faptopia A man posts to 4chan. Sort by: best. I think reddit fappening 2.0 fappening is more protein than fat. Continue this thread. Summer Drama Winter is coming. Unidan drama Did I miss that, or is the drama I'm thinking of not as old as I thought? Unidan drama wasn't that huge tho.

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Reddit fappening 2.0

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