Reverse rape games

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Overview: The adventure begins shortly after a powerful Succubus has been sealed away. You, the main hero have come with an agreement with this beautiful succubus, to work under her in order to restore her power with a great reward, whatever you desire. Shortly after, an acquaintance you make in the wilds gives you a way to start restoring her power, by placing a Magical Crest on both of you.

Depending the path you choose to reverse rape games the story and the traits you choose, the characters will change their behavior towards that. Still W. Overview: The main character, Takumi name can be changedhas been living a dull student life with no girlfriend. Takumi should not succumb to the temptations of various women, will he be able to prove his true love to Yuri, a classmate he secretly has a crush on?.

This is a great way to get to know your friends and family. Overview: One day, the Queen of Succubi awakened after a long sleep. Her powerful sexual energies transformed all the local village girls, cats, and monsters into succubi themselves…. Come to my castle. And so the boy sets out, tiny sword in hand, in pursuit of the succubus.

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Was that determination in his eyes? Or was he under her spell…? Overview: A first-person fighting action game. Depending on the technique, it can be a third person perspective. For those who want to be hit by women during fighting.

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Now you have decided to the underground arena in search of better opponents. Our savior! It seems that the monster girls have come back, and they captured his daughter! Help Saito battle massive waves of monster girls or they will take advantage of him! Overview: You are sexually bullied by school girls on a daily basis.

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Try to prevent their naughty attack and clear the stage! Many bullying situations! In the classroom, in the pool, in the infirmary, where the girls use their bodies to restrain and squeeze you. Overview: Just before you get hit by a truck, a strange light transports you into an unknown future. These machines are capable of doing all kinds of jobs, but their main objective is to replace men in slightly less conventional tasks.

Your job now is to work as a rented android, doing whatever women ask you to do for money. About v0. Minor bugfixes.

Reverse rape games

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