The pill game

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Why was the birth control pill a game changer in the twentieth century and why has it become even more controversial today? The pill game are the central questions we discuss and try to answer through our exhibition. With this exhibition we want to show the history of contraception and how it was life-changing for women.

The expo will address topics like the pill-taking in the twentieth century, the role of the pharmaceutical industry in shaping the understanding of the pill by the public and the influence it had on social and religious lives. The theme had to be of our common choice as long as it fell under the category of A game changer of the 20 th centurysomething that shaped the world to what it is today in its respective area. As a group of six young women from various backgrounds, inclined towards liberal ideologies and pro-body-choices, we all enthusiastically agreed the The Pill was the best topic to represent.

It is a matter of gender equality in a wider sense. A societal change that tackled the way of living for millions of women who for the last six decades have now the choice and power to effectively control their fertility. Who are consequently empowered and in charge of their personal, social, professional, educational and political aspirations. They were and had to be fought for, by generations of women and their allies. At the same time, we want to show there is a lot of controversy around the pill as we can detect today under the prism of a new century and a new generation of feminism.

As none of us have ever done a task similar to an online exhibition, it will be of a great learning potential and experience for all of us.

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Europeana represents a wide variety of heritage objects over 50 million. We find this opportunity to be a great challenge to assemble pieces of history, social and political debates, photographs and quotes to try and represent these magnificent stories that shifted reality from what it was, and still continues to do so.

We want this exhibition to be a reminder of the events that lead to the creation of The Pillhow it changed the world and the impact it still has today. Certain social and political changes accompanied the contraceptive pills. We want to share these stories and show how these were depicted during different times. A digital exhibition is not a social history book.

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We want to give a hint to what happened, and establish that the concerns, the conservative opinions, even the backlash are still happening. We intend to contribute to the emancipation of women by creating an alternative online exhibition with important, carefully selected content for art lovers in these difficult times. People very much still, if not more, want culture.

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The pill game

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